Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten Things I Did This Long Weekend...

My blog was not one of them... but it was such a fun weekend!  :)  (I'm hoping that comes out the cheesy smile in which I'm intending it to be...)

10.  Saw this at the theatre:

He was good in it... she was not so much.  (And I usually like her in movies...)  All in all, it was a good time though.

9.  Had some of this:

Yummy!  And such a perfect weekend for it!

8.  Chatted with some friends I haven't talked to in awhile.  It was my Hi-D's birthday this weekend, and caught up on life with a few others.   A lovely Sunday discussion was had.

7.  Saw a ball game.

These weren't exactly our seats... but the score board looked the same.  And we didn't have a lousy metal screen in our way!  So there!  ;)  It was such a great time. 

6.  Of course saw plenty of these:

To those of you who didn't want to sit on the ground because of spit... you missed out!  Tsk tsk.  (Thanks for being so brave Jon!)

5.  Had a few of these:

oK.. they weren't all this delicious... but this is a sample of one I had at the ball game.  I had tons of sauerkraut on mine though!  Yum!

4.  Heard some very interesting news this weekend.  Something I thought would make me so sad... but fear not!  It actually took a weight off my shoulders.  Oh life... how interesting you are every day! 

3.  Shopped here:

Angie needed some things... and of course, I HAD to go along!  Sadly, I saw none of my Crawford boys...  this is a first!  ;)  (I miss you Danny! Come home soon.)

2.  Hung out with this fabulous girl:

She gets weird when I try to take a picture of her... but she's adorable no matter what! 

1.  And last, but not least, a whole lot of this:

YAY long weekend!  Hope you visit me again soon!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fellow

Well it's been a VERY long time since I've done my Friday Fellow.  Don't worry, I still have a MILLION crushes on guys... just got a little busy on Fridays I guess...  ;)  So without further adieu...

So I've been meaning to have a put this guy on here for AGES!  I love him so!  He's not in my life anymore... but hopefully will be again soon.  (Everyone please keep fingers crossed!)  Today's Friday Fellow is.....


oK.. it may only be Sawyer that I love... but either way... he's lovely. 
 I love his sense of humor and his sassy ways. 
I love his scruffy little face and his sarcastic-ness. (Is that a word???)
I love so much... but why make you gag.

So to you Josh... cheers!

And, can I have a nickname???