Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunset Sunday

I love to laugh!
Ha ha ha!
Loud and long and clear!
I love to laugh!
Ha ha ha!
So that everybody can hear!!!

I really do love to laugh so much! It just makes you feel good. You can't be sad once you get laughing. And even if you try to get back in your foul mood... the giggles bring you right back up again.

And I'm someone who has MANY laughs. Depending on the occasion. I giggle when I'm nervous or excited. I also cackle when something strikes me as funny and I'm not expecting it. And I do mean CACKLE! And then I have my everyday laugh, that is usually coming out of my mouth.

Just recently, my friend Trevor told me I also have an awkward laugh... when things are awkward and I'm trying to lighten the mood. Or it's not really funny, but I feel like someone has to laugh. A few others agreed with that. It's not bad, just another one of the variety.

I also have a fake laugh... not one I'm doing when something isn't really funny (It's very rare when I don't find something funny!) but a laugh that is fake, and just feels good to do. It's almost like a nerd laugh. Way back in your throat and more when you are breathing in. It sounds ridiculous, but I can usually get people laughing when I do it. So not only does it feel physically good, it's helping emotionally too. I often worry it might someday come out as my real laugh... but I guess I won't worry about that till it happens.

Another fun laugh option is something Kristyn and I used to do in High School. You sit on a couch backwards and let your head hang off the side of the couch. Then you just start laughing. It feels so weird that soon your fake laughing is real laughing. Be cautious with this though because you do get light headed. But it also feels pretty good. It's silly if nothing else.

So yay for laughing! I think you should all try doing some of it right now! It's easy, free and contagious. You'll love it!!!

Here's something to get you started:

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fellow

My friend Angie and I never agree on guys! Which has made our friendship lovely because we never go after the same guy. If I think he's a dork... perfect for Angie! If she thinks he's ugly... he's probably the cutest guy I've ever seen!!! We really know how to pick them for each other. Maybe better than picking them for ourselves... ;)

We do have a couple exceptions though. Our first and most favorite exception is today's Friday Fellow. There is no other word to describe him better than pretty. Most guys you should never use this word for... but for him, it's the only word there is. Angie and I both agree. So, without further adieu...

Mr. Michael Vartan!!!

Yum and Yum! ;) He hasn't been around much lately... but that doesn't mean he's still not as beautiful ever. I say we all sign a petition and get him back in business!

In the meantime, you can catch him in reruns of "Alias". Such a good time. Sure that Bradley Cooper guy, who was also on the show, has now surpassed him... but do we REALLY need another Brad to fawn over??? I say no! Michael's all the way!!!

(PS... Angie and I were fans of Bradley Cooper before he hit it big... just to let you know.)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where I Was..

So I didn't get to write on Monday because I had something VERY important going on. VERY important!!!

The Bachelor has started again!!! Woo hoo! And I know that doesn't take all night... but I did need to visit with my friends and laugh and laugh about the silliness that this season is going to be. Oh my goodness! One episode and already I'm thrilled!

Please let me remind you all that I am a fan of this show NOT because it's so romantic and ooh la la- I can't wait for them to fall in love. It's just the opposite really. I love it so because the woman are hysterical! They are so catty and they cry for no reason and fight and say such nasty things to each other. It's SO great!!! I've seen this in real life, so I can say it happens. Maybe not to this degree... but it does. And I think that's why I love it so much! This promises to be a great season because girls were crying BEFORE the rose ceremony even began!!! Hello! DO NOT ever let a guy make you cry (or anyone for that matter) when you have only known him for 4 SECONDS!!! C'mon girls. Don't embarrass all women kind... And of course there is the typical "Emotional Girl" that I think the producers make them keep. They all have one, and they are quite delightful. The only sad part... no one sang this time. Bummer.

Also, the Bachelor, who I have to admit, I'm not really that excited over being the Bachelor, is also SO dramatic and silly. He was on the Bachelorette last season, so we already know a bit about him. He cries in quite the soap opera way, and has the biggest cheeseball laugh you've ever heard. Wow! And from the previews... it appears there WILL be more of his crying and even some temper tantrums. Just what the Bachelor producers, and myself, ordered!

So bring on the lovely drama and the laughs. Usually, they don't go together... but in this case, it makes for MUCH better television! I can't wait!!!

I do have a favorite girl for right now... though that can always change from week to week. She's in the back row of this picture, in the red dress. She's a nanny and she brought a football to play with him in their fancy clothes. That rocked! I can't wait to see what happens. And who knows... maybe by the end, I'll love him as much as I do Reid...

Yeah right. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday's Sunset

Sometimes I like to remember how lucky I am. That I can spend a whole Sunday reading a book if I darn well want to. That I don't have to go and do my dishes today if it doesn't suit me. That I don't have to make my bed if I would rather watch a movie. That I can have dessert while I'm waiting for dinner to cook because I'm the boss of me. All of this done knowing full well that no one is going to do a thing about it. No one is going to kick me out of the house or throw my dishes out the window. I know that last part sounded a little dramatic... but really, what a blessing we all have. We can take Sunday, or whatever day for that matter, and put things off.

So that is my challenge for all of you. I know a few of you out there stress and try to do so much in one day, not leaving any time for yourselves. I have days when I do that too. And I know, sometimes you HAVE to do that. That's life. But find a time, a whole moment if you can, to just sit and read a book that has nothing to do with anything. Eat a non-sensible dinner just once. Or watch 4 episodes of "The Office" just because it's so funny! Forget the dishes- they'll still be nice and dirty later on. Forget the sweeping and dusting- the dirt and dust will still be there tomorrow. Grab your BFF and go for a drive and eat ice cream and don't think about anything other than fun. I promise you'll love it!

I triple dog dare you...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Look Back on 2009

So another year is over and done with. My goodness, how time flies! Wasn't it just a month or so ago that Angie and I were in Las Vegas counting down the New Year!?!

As something fun, I'm going to remember a few of the good times I had this year. I hope you enjoy reminiscing with me...

  • A very spur of the moment, 48 hour trip to Las Vegas with Angie. The casinos all close on New Year's unless you have a room there. This being said... anyone going to the strip on this special occasion has to stay on the strip. Sure that's fun for the first few laps... We finally went and saw "Yes, Man" and then headed back to watch the countdown afterwards. We did get awesome 2009 glasses and Angie got her bum touched by a drunk guy! Woo hoo! We also went to "Popavich's Pet Comeday Show". I HIGHLY recommend it to all!
  • Pretty much every Monday (at least for two consecutive rounds of 6 weeks) I got together with Angie and Krissy to watch the "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette"! Very good times!!! It starts again on Monday!!! I'm not really a fan of who the Bachelor is going to be this time... but maybe that will make it all the better. Hmmm....
  • Once a month was lovely BPMN with the Crawford's. We picked an Oscar Best Picture and watched it. Good times, and good lines.
  • My Danny had a birthday party and it was Monster Truck! Yay for Danny! And YAY for Monster Truck!
  • A good time was had when Hannah, Maggie and I went to a Pow Wow at the University of Utah. We found lovely jewelry and a scrumptious dinner was had after at the Village Inn. Oh, and Maggie let me drive her VW Bug! A dream come true.
  • Shortly after, the same girls and I, along with Miss Angie-pants went to a SLC Roller Derby! Good times. Girls really can be so fierce!
  • One of the BEST times this year was when Jake and I snuck into X96 and met Kiefer Sutherland!!! Yes, we really met him and we totally snuck our way in! It was so 24 of us. Kiefer was pretty drunk (at 8 in the morning), but we got some good pictures from him anyways.
  • Made a few trips to Bear Lake to visit Danny and Jonny. Visited a cave, ate ice cream, played in the water and caught a few movies. ALSO... just happened to cross Bear Lake in a paddle boat. With Jonny. It was awesome. Whatever.
  • Sara Browning and I catch a concert every year, and this one was pretty cool. It was American Idol. What could be better??? Oh Adam and Kris! How lovely you are!
  • BFA and I went to Circe de Soliel. AMAZING! I'm still not sure how they did all those tricks. Or how they were ever brave enough to realize they could do those tricks...
  • I moved to SLC... and I love it! Kitty wasn't so happy about it at first... but she's adjusted. So I guess this also leads to me telling you about the HUGE fight Kitty and I had. She wouldn't talk to me for 3 weeks! Nothing but hissing anytime I went by. Poor little girl.
  • Jake and Curtis were in plays. I saw them. They were good.
  • My BFF Bek Shmek got married on me. She was beautiful! I got to be the maid-of-honor and it was one of the best days yet!
  • My SO fun co-workers and I went to Oktoberfest. Trevy had a little too much to drink, but he now knows what all the bathrooms look like at Snowbird. Oh the yummy food! Was there anything else there?
  • A while later, Trevor, Jake and I had a fun adventure to Wendover. We went on the Fun Bus and I won at BINGO! The buffet was yummy. What we did for 6 hours in Wendover, I'm not sure. How I lasted 11 hours straight with those guys... I'm not sure.
  • Many nights of "Office" watching. Pie eating. Game playing. And movie watching. All good times had by me in 2009.

You have a lot to live up to 2010...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday's Fellow

Hey! Happy New Year!!!

Sorry I've been gone for a bit... but I'm back! Fully. And what better way to start than a lovely Friday Fellow??? ;)

Today's Fellow is handsome, brave and definitely a man's man! He knows how to get down and dirty, and he's not afraid to show you when he's grossed out! And did I say he was handsome? Not "cute". Not "hot". Handsome. Good old fashion handsome.

Mike Rowe everyone...

For those of you who don't know him... he's on one of the best shows out there called "Dirty Jobs". On it, he does pretty much all of the grossest jobs there are. From sewer work, to digging in animal poo. You name it, I'm sure he's dealt with it in some way or another.

And what makes him so great is that he really is a man. If he's grossed out, he'll gag and spit and not have a problem with the fact that all of America is watching. And if he has a lame joke-- out it comes! He's funny and that's all that matters. (I like people who think that way!) :)

Best of all... he used to sing opera! I'm not kidding. Look it up! Give him a listen.

And if you don't own a Ford now... don't his commercials make you want to get one??? (PS... I had Dwight WAY before his commercials... )

(oK... maybe he's a little hot...)