Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deep Thought Thursday...

If you're robbing a bank and you're pants fall down, I think it's okay to laugh and to let the hostages laugh too, because, come on, life is funny.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top Ten Things I Did Over Christmas...

I had a lovely Christmas... Here's what I did.

10-  Ate plenty of this:

oK, I probably didn't eat any of this... but I did eat a lot of food and it was all yummy!  And I always picture my dinners this fancy.  :)

9-  And lots of this:

Again, not this pretty, except in my head...

8-  Watched TONS of Christmas movies.  For example:

 and the BEST one of all...

Oh Ralphie...  (I'm pretty sure I became an elf after all the Christmas joy I put into my brain!)

7-  I had some very nice of these to open up:

6-  I wore the comfiest of these the whole weekend long:

They weren't the Jetsons... but they WERE Christmas Story!  Yay! 

5-  I went and visited great friends.  We also ate and opened presents and watched lovely Christmas movies.  It doesn't seem there is much else to do during Christmas.  ;)

It wasn't actually these guys... but I love them all the same.  (Who wants to be Joey?)

4-  Went and checked out houses that look similar to this:

3-  I read some Christmas versions of these:

2- Talked to my family so much!

1-  And behaved very well to ensure that he would come!

I hope you all had the very Merriest of Christmases!!!  It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeaaaarrrrr!  :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Blog Pact With You

My dear readers,
(If I even have any left...)

I'm sorry I've been away so long, with empty promises of coming back, only to tease you with one entry, and then disappearing yet again. 

No more!  This time, I mean it.  I will write to you like I've never written before!!!  (Or at least like I haven't written in the last few months...)  I'll show you pictures and tell you what amazing (aka ridiculous) thing I've done next.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be begging for more.  (Or begging for me to stop.)  Regardless, please don't leave me yet.  Please give me one more shot!  I already have fun plans coming up to tell you about and stories galore.  If you'll promise to read, I'll promise to write. 

Thank you for your kindness and patience,