Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Hi-D!

Today is my Hi-D's birthday... and for her present, I told her I would get back on my blog and get it going for reals this time!  (I wrote that using a southern accent for some reason- so please read it the same way.)  ;) 

Hi-D (who really does write her name as Heidi...) and I met YEARS ago when we were roommates back at good old SUU.  She promptly became one of my most favorite people EVER and still is to this day.  She put up with my non-stop talk of certain guys, and was the founder of stealing our neighbors shirts to wear for the day.  She makes me color my hair when I'm too nervous just to do it, and she once wrote the best poem I've ever read and illustrated. 

She's probably terribly embarassed at this point, so I'll stop, but I hope she knows how dearly I appreciate her and how much her friendship has and still does mean to me.  (I'm sorry I don't say it enough!)  Love you my Hi-D!!! 

#1 #1  #1!!!

Tam Tam

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Anonymous said...

Aww Thanks Tam Tam! Or Mat Mat :)